I work in Maastricht, can I also apply for a parking permit so I can park in one of the permit-only areas?

Yes, there are permits available for commuters. This permit is for people who live outside of Maastricht and work in Maastricht. With a parking permit you can park in the on-street parking areas where parking must be paid for. These areas are divided into three zones, A1, A2 and B. To see the locations of these zones go to the map with sections within the parking zones.

Do you work in zone A1 or A2? Then you can apply for a parking permit for:

  • the parking area located under the J.F. Kennedybrug

Do you work in one of the sections within zone B? Then you can apply to park in the sector where you work. You can apply online via the Maastricht Council website using your DigiD.

We recommend the use of P+R Maastricht Noord as an alternative parking option (http://www.maastrichtbereikbaar.nl/nl/acties/p-r-maastricht-noord). You can park there for free and continue your onward journey for just €1 per person return via shuttle bus (no.100) or by train for the regular price of a train ticket.